Audemars Piguet, a long standing client of Materials & Methods gave us complete freedom to conceptualize this event experience. Our design process began with a study of experiential design and the mystery of layered reveals.


After the last last course was served, the artists stood up to talk about his work, and when he was done, the wall at the far end of the octagonal room slowly slid apart, revealing stairs to a cave-like gallery where the watches were showcased on single pedestals, glittering under a single beam of light.

For this event M&M custom fabricated six seamless lightweight projection screens - 8' H x 12' W - that connected seamlessly into three triptych continuous screens. We used six projectors with short-throw rear-projection lenses set equidistant on the inside of the screens, this allowed guests to view the images from a close range without interfering with the beam of light, and for the video content to pass over the 36' screen as one continuous canvas.


The guest experience began in an elegant cocktail lounge surrounded by massive still prints of NASA photography. Then the guests were led between a narrow corridor into an elegant dining room wrapped in a 360 degree IMAX-like projection surround. In the middle of the octagonal dining room were two black tables set with minimal and elegant orbs and candles, all reflecting the dazzling light of the projected video surround. As the meal was presented in courses, the diners were surrounded by sublimely beautiful slow moving video of planetary and astrological imagery such as close up images of the surface of the moon, taken by NASA cameras, and made beautiful by artist Michael Benson.

Set in the gym of an old church in Manhattan, the Materials & Methods team spent three days creating the magic that would transform the empty box into a cocktail lounge, an IMAX dining hall and product showcase gallery.