In association with the New Museum’s Idea City Festival 2013, Materials & Methods co-produced Marco Brambilla’s video installation “Creation 3D” at the basilica of St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral in New York City. Co-produced with Nuit Blanche NY, Brambilla’s final installment of his Megaplex trilogy was projected in 3D onto a screen inside the cathedral.

Additional visual, environmental elements further integrated Brambilla’s piece into the architecture of the Cathedral.  Brambilla collaborated with Christopher Cerrone who composed a soundscape to accompany the film. The score was performed live by Guidonian and the 70-person Young New Yorkers’ Chorus to create an immersive, cinematic experience. Along with the two other pieces in the Megaplex trilogy, this 3 minute piece is a video collage that simultaneously celebrates and satirizes the movie medium and Hollywood. “Using imagery drawn from film I wanted to comment on our ability to absorb images and content – to get close to the threshold of hyper saturation,” Brambilla says of the Megaplex trilogy. “It feels to me the pieces were meant to be seen [in 3D], as it directly relates back to the source material. The 3D effect makes the experience of viewing the pieces more stylized and less real. It is more processed, more manipulated, and consequently you become more aware of the illusion.”