This one night 3D projection event too place in New York's Meatpacking District and was part of Lunesta’s “Follow The Wings Campaign” and intended to set the mood for a dream-like landscape that symbolized the importance of getting some well-deserved rest.

The installation utilized two 35K Christie projectors, shot from the roof of the opposing building onto the 15 story hotel façade. Content playback and management was powered by Float4’s Blackstone server and included a synchronized audio component that played at pedestrian street level.

Materials & Methods was hired by Connected Productions as co-creative and technical director to managed the 3D production and projections.

The 15 story façade of the well-known Hotel Gansevoort was transformed into a dynamic animated canvas, as crowds of thousands quickly gathered in the street to watch. Working with a select team of international content developers, this art installation presented both creative and technical challenges as our production team worked against the clock and the weather to transform the 120’ wide building into a magical nighttime spectacle.