Luxottica, the world’s largest eyewear company best known for Ray-Ban and Persol, engaged renowned modern architects Chris Bardt and Kyna Leski of 3six0 in Providence to develop new concepts for in-store retail pop-up designs within the context of large department stores.

Materials & Methods worked with 3six0 to investigate the integration of digital media and emerging display technologies to enhance customer interactions and support digital signage and visual merchandizing. Our team developed an interactive prototype comprised of transparent LCD displays backed by mirrors where customers could superimpose glasses chosen from the digital catalogue onto their reflection.

The transparent displays and mirrors could then also be utilized as advertising space when not in use. We further explored integrating advanced tracking systems that use cameras to track customers’ locations, dwell time, and areas of interest while RFID tags were able to track individual sunglasses and how these customers interacted with products.