In 2015 Materials & Methods was engaged by Rafanelli Events to design the concept and content for a projected stage surround for Boston College’s Pops on the Heights, an annual fundraiser dinner and performance by the Boston Pops (Symphony Orchestra) that raises funds for student scholarships.


Materials & Methods was engaged from concept through to run of show, and worked with the event team to contrive the most effective ways to highlight guests vocalists, provide supporting visuals to the Pop’s program, tell the story of campus life and scholarship recipients and showcase student performers. From incorporating stills of the history of the college into the projected surround to producing to directing a short film on student life, we developed creative solutions and visual techniques for each diverse programming requirement throughout the show.

In 2015 the theme of the evening was the history of Broadway. We worked with the Boston College team and the Rafanelli event designers to craft a dynamic audience experience while portraying the evolution of the history of Broadway theater style, decor and architectural detailing.  The stage surround was fabricated as an enormous blank canvas for the exclusive purpose of projecting an evolving and transforming content throughout the duration of the performance, created entirely in 3D animation.  Throughout the evening, the stage surround morphed from a Classic Gilded Theater to a Bulb Lit Marquees and eventually to a Neon Marquee exterior with the finale of the guest vocalists from the recent movie release “Twenty feet from Stardom”  Each scene smoothly transitioned into the next, precisely timed with each change in the shows program.

The fundraiser was a huge success with a record $7.5 Million raised that will be distributed to 275 Pops Scholarship recipients.