Sleep Studio, a high-end luxury bedding boutique specializing in the individual’s sleep experience, hired  Materials & Methods to explore creative applications of technology to enhance and personalize their customers’ retail experience.

Our design and programming teams also developed a working prototype for an interactive 3D projection mapped environment that would allow sales representatives and customers to project selected colors, textures, and finishes onto a full-size bedroom set within the VIP area of the boutique.  Using an iPad based Touch OSC interface, a sales associate could chose from a vast library of Sleep Studio products and furnishings to virtually transform the neutral bedroom set into a customer’s personalized dream bedroom.

Working in collaboration with the architectural team of Studio Mapos, our design team developed a variety of initial concepts including rear-projected ceiling structures and 4-sided floor-to-ceiling video columns. These installations would be positioned near the store’s showcase areas and serve to activate the interior space. They would provide dynamic focal points and themed video backdrops designed to catch the eye of pedestrians on the street.