In the Spring of 2015 Materials & Methods jumped at the opportunity to help support TEDx Cambridge by facilitating the design and execution of a projection installation for the stage surround and auditorium,  transforming the Back Bay Events Center into an immersive environment of projected light and interactive animation. Materials & Methods helped craft the experience for participants from entrance through to the end of event musical performance by Mal Davisa.  

Attending a TEDx conference gives participants the opportunity to connect with each other and become inspired by the great things that people are doing all around us. We took this concept a step further by engaging the audience members to connect with each other.  As the audience began to take their seats, they were surrounded by walls filled with a visual representation of the connections between all the people sitting in that area of the theater, such as common interest, educational background and work history.  For this undertaking we had the opportunity to work with Almighty to integrate their NODE technology which was developed for event attendees.  The introduction of this technology inspired people to interact with other attendees and helped them to identify each other.  

The architectural detail of the auditorium interior was mapped with custom projected content created for TEDx and catered to the speakers selected for this event.  This created a dynamic and immersive stage experience for both presenters and audience.


In addition to our contribution to the experience within the auditorium, TEDx Cambridge also invited Materials & Methods to be featured vendors at the Technology Exhibit before the talks.  For this opportunity we constructed a custom 8' x 8’ pop-up environment with exposed framing, incorporated digital screens displaying our portfolio highlights, and a mock-up touch screen Digital Tower made from Christie MicroTiles.

Over 1,000 people attended the 2015 TEDx Cambridge event and Technology Exhibition.